Why Work With a Guernsey Recruitment Agency?

If you’re job searching or operating in Guernsey, you might want to consider working with a Guernsey recruitment agency. A specialist recruitment agency in Guernsey such as AD Offshore can provide benefits that you wouldn’t usually have – especially if you started the job search yourself. 

Aside from bringing together candidates and clients, our Guernsey recruitment agency is able to deliver a service that offers other positive outcomes you might not expect – mostly due to our local connections and a team of consultants who specialise in the industry. 

As a leading Guernsey recruitment agency, we’re always aiming to provide a personalised, local service for our candidates and employers who have jobs in Guernsey.

Why work with a recruitment agency in Guernsey? 

If you’re looking to fill or find jobs in Guernsey, it’s worth working alongside a Guernsey recruitment agency for a number of reasons:

1. Local connections in Guernsey

A major benefit of working with a Guernsey recruitment agency is the understanding of the local market – including local businesses – that they can offer. In most cases, a recruitment agency in the Channel Islands will have a network of clients operating in the area, which directly supports sustainable, long-term placements. 

From a candidate’s perspective, this makes it much easier to find a good match in terms of culture and technical aptitude. We always place importance on both a good working fit and a good cultural fit. We want to make sure that our candidates are placed with the right clients and we’re able to use experienced consultant services to achieve this.

When you work with our consultants – especially those who have worked in the local market – you’ll gain access to specific Guernsey recruitment knowledge including salary rates, desirable skill sets, career expectations and other complexities.

It’s this local knowledge that allows us to prep candidates – using a mix of specialist resources, how different clients operate and what the local market needs. 

2. Quicker hiring

The recruitment process can be extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive. One of the major benefits of working with a Guernsey recruitment agency is that this entire process gets streamlined, which can have long-term benefits. 

Our recruitment consultants can handle the marketing of your roles and application screening – typically two of the most time-consuming stages. This leaves you to handle the interview process and make the final decision. We’ve seen hundreds of businesses feel like they can handle the recruitment process themselves but it can quickly eat into valuable time when you’re hiring for multiple roles.

At AD Offshore, our Guernsey recruitment agency specialises in professional service roles across sectors such as finance, banking and legal. These are all notoriously competitive sectors and require specific skill sets, which our recruitment consultants understand how to source.

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3. Skilled candidates

Working alongside a Guernsey recruitment agency vastly improves your chances of sourcing skilled, quality candidates. At AD Offshore, we work with a large pool of talent, all of whom are pre-screened and engaged with the Guernsey market. This means you’re almost guaranteed a quality candidate based in the area.

We regularly work alongside candidates of all ages, experience and skill levels, meaning we’re experts at establishing good matches and further analysing our wider talent pool. 

4. Broader accessibility

When you first put a job listing out, you’re mostly relying on people coming to you. This isn’t always the optimal way of finding the best candidates.

A major benefit of working with a Guernsey recruitment agency – especially one as connected as AD Offshore – is that you also gain access to ‘passive talent’.

This is a term used to describe candidates not actively looking for work but those who are still open to any opportunities they find.

In many cases, a recruitment agency will know who these people are and be able to contact them directly. More importantly, they understand how to motivate them and encourage them to join your business.

Similarly, if you’re a passive candidate, working with a recruitment agency can help you find more senior roles or something that offers better progression.

5. Industry knowledge

Depending on your business or the sector that you operate in, you may need more specialised candidates. 

While it’s perfectly viable for you to do this yourself, you still run the risk of resource drain or frustration.

Alternatively, you can work with a local recruitment agency that specialises in these kinds of fields. This can give you peace of mind that you’re finding the ideal candidate for your position and often, in a much shorter space of time.

At AD Offshore, for example, we help people find new roles across sectors including accountancy, finance and legal. While a more ‘general’ recruitment agency might be able to hire for roles in these fields, they couldn’t deliver the same service that we can.

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