Executive Jobs

Take a look at the executive jobs in Jersey and Guernsey we have available as well as how we can help you find a new dream role.

How can we help you find an executive job in Jersey or Guernsey?

Executive recruitment is a core part of our service and one of our most bespoke solutions for candidates and clients.

We work alongside candidates seeking executive jobs in Guernsey and Jersey, helping you to find your perfect fit with one of our many professional services clients.

With so many global, high-end businesses in the Channel Islands, there’s a growing demand for executive employees across both Jersey and Guernsey. 

We specialise in matching talented candidates with established businesses offering executive jobs, using our long-term working relationships to ensure a good fit.

When we’re matching executive candidates with executive roles, it’s vital this culture fit is in place. Generally, it’s something we look to establish through face-to-face meetings and understanding.

Not ready to apply straight away? You can submit a CV here and we’ll get back to you with some of the top roles for you.

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How can we help employers posting executive jobs in Guernsey and Jersey?

If you’re seeking executive-level employees for your business, AD Offshore can help. 

We understand the importance of finding the right match when recruiting for executive jobs, especially when a bad hire can cost thousands for your business.

This is why our executive service is both robust and extensive. We take the time to find the ideal match for you, your business and your future goals.

Our executive talent pool is thoroughly vetted to ensure that you’re meeting with the right people to further your business, especially in such a prominent role.

If you have open executive jobs in Jersey or Guernsey and want to make use of our experience and network, you can contact us via the button below and we’d be happy to help.