Guernsey Salary Calculator

Discovery your Guernsey salary breakdown using our Guernsey Salary Calculator.

Simply enter your gross Annual, Monthly or Weekly salary to get a breakdown of your earnings, tax and social security contributions.

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Guernsey Salary Calculator


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Why use our Guernsey salary calculator?

Whether you’re researching salaries for new roles or you’re a business looking to set some benchmarks for your team, our Guernsey Salary Calculator can help. 

Using the latest information around tax and social security contributions, you can find a clear and concise breakdown of your earnings on an annual, monthly or even weekly basis.

This goes hand-in-hand with our Salary Guidelines, which can help you understand the value of roles across the professional services market and react accordingly.

What is the average salary in Guernsey?

The latest figures from the Government suggest that the average median salary in Guernsey is £39,000. This translates to around £812 per week and is higher than the average median salary in the UK, which currently sits at £31,722.

As the Guernsey employment market improves, the Guernsey workforce’s median earnings is 5.7% higher than a year earlier – all of which is taken into account within our Guernsey salary calculator.

According to the same Government research, the most popular industry in Guernsey is financial services, closely followed by professional services and administration. Around 18% of the workforce operate in the financial sector, while 17% are employed in public administration. 

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